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Floor Screeds in Yorkshire : PSR Industrial Flooring Ltd.
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PSR Industrial Flooring Ltd.

04 - Oct - 2013

Our team of highly experienced workers can be trusted to deliver outstanding results...


Flooring Services

Floor Screeds

These cementitious floor screeds can be put down from as little as 3mm thick, which will upgrade existing concrete floors and give a new and improved look to your surface.

Also used to level existing floors that have flatness issues, the screed can be laid up to 100mm thick. The materials used are very hard wearing; up to 40 newtons when fully cured. Applied by hand or pumped, for use internally and externally. An area of up to 1,000 sq. metres per day can be achieved and the new floor can be back in operation in 12 hours.

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Floor Coatings & Floor Painting

PSR Industrial Flooring specialise in Epoxy High Build Coatings with or without non-slip surfaces. For areas with lighter traffic such as walkways Water Dispersible Coatings can be applied. All coatings are available in any RAL or BS colours.

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Industrial Flooring Joint Repairs

Flooring construction joint failure can cause serious & expensive damage to forklift trucks and may also become a Health & Safety issue. The replacement of the floor joint is carried out quickly & effectively by saw cutting either side of the joint, breaking out the damaged area & filling with Epoxy Mortar. Then the joint is re-sealed to achieve our tried & tested Arris joint repair. Our process leaves a seamless transition over the repaired joint.

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Flooring Joint Re-sealing

Flooring joint seal replacement, to existing saw cut and construction floor joints, are solved by re-cutting, cleaning out and replacement with a suitable joint sealant which still allows for movement in the floor. This method can be applied to joints up to 20mm wide and if done early enough you will save the cost of a potentially more expensive Arris joint repair.

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Industrial Floor Repairs

Concrete flooring repairs on the specific areas of your floor that have become corroded or been damaged by wear and tear - a highly cost efficient alternative to expensive and disruptive concrete floor reconstruction or replacement.

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Floor Grinding

PSR Industrial Flooring provide floor grinding services to level out problem floors. This is totally dust free which helps to minimise disruption to other areas of your building & operations.

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